Monday, July 12, 2010

How To: Make a Back To School Shopping List

Hello =) So, of course I'm doing a back-to school series for my first few posts on my totally new blog. I've deleted all of the old ones, and starting fresh. Anyway, now that you know how to pack your bag right here's what to shop for! Remember, assume you're staring from scratch. For example, if after closet-shopping you have 6 fitted tees that still fit, only buy 4-9 more, instead of 10-15 new ones!

***If you've googled this, you have probably already seen this article. I wrote it on WikiHow, so I'm not copying someone else's ideas. Just copy-pasting the link for you here. =)***

How To: Pack the PERFECT School Bag/Backpack

So, everyone has to have a backpack, but ladies, here's how to pack it right.

~ Choose the bag. Pick one in a cute solid color or a low-key print. No skulls, rainbow checkers, or anything like that please! Those look tacky if you're over 7th grade!

*reading material (book and for-fun magazine)
*colored & black pens
*plenty of pencils
*post-it notes

*lip gloss (one bright, one light pink, and one clear)
*scented body lotion and spray (matching or different, just for variety)
put all these things in a cosmetic bag and set in the big pocket of your bag.

*about 5 extra ponytail holders
*sport headband (for putting hair up)
*mini hairbrush or extra regular sized one
*mini hairspray
this would be easiest to keep this in a pocket.

*mini tide-to-go or other stain pen or wipe
*clear nail polish
*socks (for p.e., sounds weird but I ALWAYS forgot socks)
*backup shoes, a cheapy pair of white or black flip flops will do fine. you seriously never know!
*backup sweater/hoodie
put the shoes and sweatshirt in your locker, but keep the rest in the cosmetics bag.

~period~ ***even if you don't yet have it!***
*tampons in various sizes (other people could need them!)
*pantyliners/pads for backup or lighter days
*midol, pamprin, tylenol, etc.
definitely keep this in a small, non-see-through bag in either a secret pocket or the very bottom of your bag. you could add a pocket, in a secret place too if you want!

*extra jeans. for different reasons; spills, stains, period, etc.
*extra panties for the period. grrrrr, mother nature!
* compact mirror
*any other extra clothes
*earrings (just so you have an accessory. i'd pick small-ish gold hoops)
*water bottle
fit these in where you can! i wouldn't advise keeping the clothes in the bag, but i just wanted to say you might want them at school!

Ahhh, and that's it. Quite a lot of things! But of course you can alter this to what you NEED or add stuff on etc. You can pick up plastic cosmetic bags from target and walmart for about $5. They also have combo packs for $10. Find a fairly big one, just a pouch will do fine. You may want a mini one for your period supplies. Toss everything in, and keep any extra clothes in your locker. =D